This simple game is basic scorer yet exciting. Easy to learn but hard to master. The red boxes go in the red ring and the green boxes go through the green ring. This is one of the very few really fun addicting games.

Kyubic is one of the very basic adventure games to play now. Yet it’s an exciting tap game that keeps you playing for hours without a hiccup. The game’s design has been kept very minimalistic to ease the gameplay experience. Moreover if you are looking for simple fun games to play with friends, this high scorer game is the exact tap to play game you need to see. All you have to do is sit patiently and concentrate on the colors of the cubes to master the high score strategies. So just dive into one of the best challenging games.

The game is not only fun to play, but is also very exciting as it becomes more engaging with time. It puts you on your toes with interesting randomization. This is one of the games to increase focus and keep your mind oriented for long durations. The game engulfs you slowly into its exciting endless scorer. Tap your way up the high score challenge. Play with your friends in turns to amplify the fun of the game. Try one of the cool games from the classic arcade games that require concentration. So test your concentration with this beast among the new android games.

How to Play?
The red boxes will pass through the red disc at the bottom.
The green boxes will pass through the green disc at the bottom of the screen.
Tapping changes the color of the disc from red to green and vice-versa.

Why To Play?
Are you up for thrilling games and are searching for fun games to play? Then Kyubic is one of the games to play when bored. The game has an insane amount of utilities. The game begins slow and paces all the way up to exciting levels of speed. This prepares you for the high paced tap drama and you reach great levels of concentration. It increases your focussing abilities and concentration power. Your reflexes will soon become faster than before.

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Game Features
Simple tapping game
Extremely addictive playstyle
Challenging gameplay
Share your scores
Engaging Background Music

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